Anti-Fatigue Matting Interlocking PVC Tiles

Health & Safety is a very important issue!

As an employer you need to provide a safe and comfortable working environment for all employees even down to flooring materials.
Our flexible interlocking anti-fatigue / anti-slip matting helps to reduce stress, tiredness, aches and pains from standing on hard floors for considerable lengths of time at work.
Most commercial floors are hard on the feet when standing or walking, so this innovative and useful flooring solution provides the right answer.
Our flexible interlocking pvc tiles are ideal for industrial, commercial and retail applications.

Versatile Tile and edge colours

Versatile Measurements

Anti-Slip Matting for Beer & Wine Festivals
Other attributes of the pvc tile system

Versatile PVC duckboard anti-fatigue & anti-slip matting is frequently used in workshop areas to ease standing for long periods and to help stop slipping or sliding in dangerous mechanical working areas.

Versatile interlocking PVC tiles can be easily put together and easy to replace should they get damaged - It is more economical if you replace a few tiles instead of buying a whole new mat.

Versatile PVC anti-slip / anti-fatigue mats are frequently used in workshop areas coping with metal shavings and oil spills.

Installation & Maintenance - Versatile PVC Duckboard Matting
Use Versatile PVC Duckboard anti-slip matting where you don't want accidents to happen 

Versatile PVC tiles fasten together easily Versatile tiles are very flexible
Versatile PVC tiles can be made into any sized mat Versatile PVC tiles are easily cleaned
Versatile Product Features 
Versatile Interlocking PVC Tile Benefits 

Standard Sizes

Height:   13mm

Standard Tile Size
300mm x 300mm (aprox 1ft x 1ft)

Weight: 3.65 kg/m2


Installation - Simple

Versatile PVC interlocking tiles fit together easily
Made from flexible PVC in twelve colours
Supplied in boxes of tiles for quick installation
Easy to cut to fit on site
Contours to uneven surfaces


Ancillaries for Versatile PVC Tiles

Yellow Versatile Anti-Slip PVC Plastic Interlocking Straight Edge
Straight Edge Ramp Tile Weight: 63g
Size: 300mm x 50mm x 13mm reducing to 0mm (Ramp)
All colours available to mix and match with tiles
Yellow Versatile Anti-Slip  PVC Plastic Interlocking Corner Edge Tile
Corner Edge Ramp Tile Weight: 65g
Size: 350mm x 50mm x 13mm reducing to 0mm (Ramp)
All colours available to mix and match with tiles


Our product range is extensive - please feel free to contact us about your project giving as much detail as possible so that we can advise you on the best product(s) to select. Feel free to ask us for a free quotation incl. VAT and shipping - we will get back to you quickly.

Versatile Anti-Fatigue Matting for Industrial Working Conditions  Versatile Anti-Fatigue Matting for Industrial Working Conditions